Classes and Workshops

I will offer six-hour trainings for therapists on
"Risk Assessment and Crises Response"
for CEUs (Certified Educational Units).

It is understandable that many therapists in private practice or even at clinics are not comfortable with handling crises or issues concerning client safety. Many therapists rarely experience a client who is presenting serious issues. Anxiety, insecurity and unfamiliarity can complicate taking timely, responsibile action when faced with duty to act. ... Please read more

Periodically, I offer Child Therapy Groups as well as classes on various topics.
Each group event and/or class lasts for six hours.
Contact me if you are associated with an agency or therapeutic facility, and are interested in:
Class or talk on Trauma, Puppet Therapy, Crises Intervention and Assessment            
Eight to twelve week or ongoing Puppet Therapy Group for Traumatized Children 4-12

"Oh Rats!" - a Therapy Group
For Children 4-12 who have experienced Loss, Abuse, Disaster, War, Domestic Violence...
Please read more

Also, I offer six-hour workshops for therapists to introduce
Ways and Outcomes of Using Collage in Therapy
with teens, pre-teens, or child/parent therapy.

Teens are in a phase of increased creativity and symbolism. As in dreams, their unconscious content comes out in poetry, song, and visual art. ...Please read more

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